Tried an androgynous look today. I felt so insecure! However there’ve been nice comments so I guess I’ll keep trying till I find the right balance.

IMG_2944 IMG_2947

2nd day of term 2 today – lecture day and so I decided to wear my platforms. I wish I’d worn boots or flats, but people I asked said it looked okay as is.

Busy as hell with schoolwork and everyone is so stressed. Did the holidays even happen?IMG_2960

IMG_2969 IMG_2972

Was super excited (still am) about wearing these jeans today because 1. they’re super old – I got them back when I was 11? 12? during the white jean trend. 2. I DIY-ed them to fit the current ripped jean trend! So, lesson learnt: Never throw old clothes away (unless they no longer fit!).

Shot by Yun Rong.


You can find her on Twitter and Instagram.

Rest of the photos on my Facebook.

On the way home, someone complimented me on my dressing, which was a first for me…. at least from a guy. He seemed like he put a lot of thought into it. I was so touched I didn’t even know what to say. If you’re reading this, thank you (:


I’ve realised that being single affords an almost obscene amount of freedom, especially when making sartorial choices. I forgot exactly how many things I could change about myself when I didn’t need to think about anyone else. It’s almost reckless, how I dress these days, but it’s fun and it makes me so happy.


Somehow, being in a relationship seems to make me domesticated, and I pale in comparison – literally – to my single, carefree self. It’s as if being single is a state of normality, like being in a relationship isn’t natural for me. Or maybe it’s just the wrong guy.


I guess you should be able to be every bit yourself with the one you really love and who loves you back.


And I guess what we had wasn’t love, no matter how much I think it was.




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