Video Shoot + Visit to One Man Coffee!

Almost perfect day today with Chelsea and Pepita, with almost perfect photos to show for it.


On the set of the video shoot!

My first time in the greenscreen room. I positively squealed for at least 5 minutes when I first entered, I was so excited and everything was so new to me!


Selfies after we were done with our solos!

We left school at around 3-ish? And took a bus down to my ‘hood (and hipster cafe hotspot), Thomson Road.


Pictures we took while trying to find November 8 (which was closed, sigh.).

The entire building (Thomson V Two) is filled with these cute little words/ conversations! I’ve never seen a place in Singapore as adorable as this. And it smells delicious, courtesy of the many bakeries and cafes it’s filled with.


We ended up at One Man Coffee to satisfy our hungers. It’s a comfortable little spot to hang out and drink coffee.

CAM03038 CAM03058CAM03055

Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Sourdough Rye.


I lost these shades a few hours after this photo was taken. On the bus.

De-lish. And not too expensive at that.

All in all, ’twas a wonderful day.

Full range of the photos taken that day on my Facebook, as usual. (:



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