#OOTD: A Little Dotty

Rather long day at school today; check out the Tuesday edition of my Last Week Of School vlog series!

Was initially disappointed with my outfit today – my initial outfit didn’t quite turn out as expected. I scrambled in my wardrobe in my half-asleep state and came up with this one instead.


The lighting today was really good, by the way. I was so happy (well, as happy as I could be considering the sun was trying to melt me).

blazer DSCN0573

Pushed the sleeves of this adorable blazer up, firstly because they only reached to my wrists, and secondly because with them down, it looked a little too formal for my liking.

top n shorts DSCN0571

(Awkward tight smile because the sun is bright but I want to look good.)

This tank top is heavenly – light, thin and just my size. I haven’t found anything else quite like it.

Ripped shorts. Need I say more?

converse DSCN0575

Trusty, dirty old Converse with weird green socks. I apologise for the choices I’ve made while stuck in the morning fog of my mind post-sleep.

accessories DSCN0572

Still not very sure about the ring… I feel like it didn’t quite mesh with the casual-classy vibe of the rest of the outfit.

Photos by Jonghan.

credits DSCN0570

You can find him on Twitter and Instagram.

And the rest of the photos from this shoot here.



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