#OOTD: Rainbow Lining

First day of vlogging for this week; check out the featured video for the Monday edition of my series for the last week of school!

Today I wore a maxi dress I don’t think I’ve worn to school before! I actually traded for it, but according to the label it’s from this amusingly-named shop.

dress DSCN0525

bag DSCN0508

My trusty Mango Touch bag! I gave it a rest last week due to it being assignment submission/hell week and me rushing around carrying lots of heavy stuff. I didn’t want to spoil it, so now it’s back!

shoes DSCN0509

Fun fact: these are actually the shoes I wore to prom two years ago!

(Geez, two years… I feel old already.)

full DSCN0511

shoe shot DSCN0513

First time shooting in this location! It’s actually a really small space, but it has so many different corners, textures, colours and backgrounds – it’s amazing. Or rather, Jonghan’s eyes are amazing for even seeing the potential to shoot here. (Even though it was right along the road, I must say. He nearly died.)

full DSCN0515

full DSCN0526

Photo credits to Jonghan!

credits DSCN0516

You can find him on Twitter and Instagram.

As always, you can find all the photos in this post – and then some – on my Facebook.



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