#OOTD: Ripped Jeans and Mustard Dreams

Tried a little colourful destruction today!

tank top

jacket jeans

 Inherited this mustard-yellow hoodie from either my mum or my dad – it’s probably older than me!

Ripped boyfriend jeans thrifted; maybe one day I’ll have a boyfriend whose jeans I could steal. #somedaymyprincewillcome



This adorable pouch a Christmas gift from my uncle!

Photos by Yun Rong.


You can find her on Twitter and Instagram!

Photos from this post and previous posts can be found here.

School has been hectic recently and I’ve been having sleepless nights – due to stress or something else, I don’t know. Add to that a few (okay, quite a number of) bumps in my personal life and my life could’ve been a living hell. However, friends in whom I didn’t have much faith stepped up and really made me feel okay at times. I’m forever grateful for them.

Half a year gone and it’s proving to be a dramatic one. I’ve felt such highs and lows that the time seems too long and too short for what it actually was. They weren’t kidding when they warned us: Year Two is the hardest year in poly. What I wasn’t prepared for, though, was the the ramifications of it on my personal life. I thought I was okay at keeping work and personal issues separate, but when you’re so tired you’re function on a stripped-down version of your sanity, logic takes a backseat in the manic rush to complete assignments, attend co-curricular activities and maintain what little there is left of your social life. I’m surprised I still have friends, considering how horrible a person I’ve become on some days throughout this term. Two more weeks, and we might get to sleep in for a few days before rejoining the rat race for a piece of paper that won’t guarantee a job, much less success in the working world.

Does what I’m writing make sense?

I feel a little like dirty dishes waiting to be washed; a metamorphosis is coming, and I only hope I’ll remain intact at the end.


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