#OOTD: Blue-Green & Bare Skin

Holographic flashes of flesh today.

Wearing heels to school for the first time in a long time! Felt a sense of exhilaration walking around. Getting to school via public transport felt a little like Mission Impossible.

CARDI IMG-20140527-WA0026

My last time wearing this jacket for awhile. It acquired a turquoise ink stain in my haste to jot down notes!

Side note: my hair went waaaaaaay Hermoine Granger on me in this photo.

SKIRT IMG-20140527-WA0023

Bralette – thrifted! I love it.

SHOES SHADES IMG-20140527-WA0025

Lita lookalikes that I got at half-price, trippy holographic shades and an acid-washed denim skirt made that scandalous top a little less so.

CREDITS IMG-20140527-WA0028

Photos by Yun Rong!

You can find her on Twitter and Instagram.



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