#OOTD: Rainy Red

Can you tell I’m running out of ideas for these titles?

It rained today and I wildcarded my outfit: a flaming red sweater and sheer floral tights with boots, silently praying for the weather not to be a pain.

full shot

Turns out it was a lucky guess – I spent most of the time indoors and when I was out, it wasn’t too bad.

DETAILS IMG-20140514-WA0069

Finally wearing my DMs out; I can’t dance in them.

NECKLACE IMG-20140514-WA0037

A trinket from Lovisa. This is actually light, despite its appearance. I love it when jewelry is easy to wear and isn’t a pain to hang on to.

CREDITS IMG-20140514-WA0045

Photos courtesy of Kristie and Valencia!

Find Kristie on Twitter and Instagram.

Find Valencia on Twitter and Instagram.



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writer/stylist/dreamer sophomore | lasalle college of the arts

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