#OOTD: Paddle Pop

Totally unplanned #OOTD today – I’d dressed down for a lecture day at school, studying, and dance after.

full 1 IMG-20140512-WA0038

A lazy bun for a lazy day.

CLOTHES IMG-20140512-WA0033

This tee is a really old one, in fact, I think I inherited it from my uncle’s unending collection. Topped off with the long cardigan, I was all for a chill day in school.

NECKLACE IMG-20140512-WA0036

I absolutely love this necklace! It feels way lighter than it looks and adds a little edginess to an otherwise average outfit.

full 2 IMG-20140512-WA0030

Pictures taken by Jonghan and Valencia!

CREDITS IMG-20140512-WA0035

You can find Jonghan on Twitter and Instagram.

You can find Valencia on Twitter and Instagram.



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