CHVRCHES: an essay (or not really)




They’re a Scottish electronic band, to put it loosely.

Here we see, from left to right, Iain Cook, Martin Doherty and Lauren Mayberry.

I really like them.

They’re fiercely protective of how they want their music to sound, which is great, because it means that their music is unique and they see that and now it’s become sort of a brand, like ‘this is how CHVRCHES sounds’- and they all get along so well,  just kind of like an awesome little family and they’re all such lovely people who make such good music and are recognised for it.

In particular, I really admire Lauren’s strength of character and her courage to voice out her views, particularly against women’s rights (here), which really surprised me because she looked so diminutive and soft-spoken. She really did a lot to bring awareness to how women in music are being so unfairly treated, and the ripples from what she said are getting people to think about how sexism is very much a real thing. She argued with sense and logic and conviction, and being someone who has had horrible internet comments directed to her, what she stands for really struck a chord with me. (pun maybe intended.)

I just love them all so much.

You can check out their music here and other things here and here and here and here.


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