I honestly don’t blame guys (or males, or boys, whatever term you’d like to use) for complaining that they “don’t understand girls” (or women, blah blah blah.). I mean, if we’re looking at it from as objective a point of view as I can manage, we’re all a little weird. Some of us more weird than others.

Women have mood swings, periods, hormonal changes – not to mention living up to society’s standards of being innocent but not dumb, sexy but not slutty, smart but not too smart that you will intimidate any guys who might be a slight bit interested in you, stylish but not too stylish in that you overdress for whatever it is you’re doing – and a multitude of other criteria in order to be viewed as “normal”. Even then, magazines tell us how to stand out – subtly.

Men complain that women are complicated. We go to the bathroom in groups, we take a long time to get ready, our clothes are difficult to understand, we smell weird sometimes, we wear too much makeup, we have too many shoes and clothes and accessories, and the classic: we get upset if you leave the toilet seat up. I’m not going to explain any of these quirks, because the list is not exhaustive, not all women behave like this and when we do, there are reasons.

However, we make friends with guys who sometimes end up hitting on us and getting rejected, then blaming us for putting them in the “friendzone”. To me, the friendzone does not exist. It’s just friends. Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t you just accept that I only like you in a platonic way, and deal with it? I’ve been rejected so many times, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly, yet I’ve never once confronted the person and demanded to know why we couldn’t get into a relationship simply because he’s a guy and I’m a girl and according to me we belong together. I just accepted it – people have the right to their own feelings and decisions – and moved on. Sometimes it took me longer to move on, but I did so anyway because it’s impossible to have a relationship when one of you is unwilling. That’s how it works and I’m not about to screw it up.

I don’t understand why it’s so complicated for guys to just be friends with girls. Sure, you think we’re complicated, but I think you’re complicated too. So let’s just get over it, move on, be friends, and once we’ve reached a certain level of trust, just ask things point-blank. Things you’re confused about. We’re friends, and friends trust each other, so just shoot. Who cares, anyway. I’ll just tell you if I’m uncomfortable with answering your question, but if you really want to know, I’ll tell you. Just don’t stop being friends with me or talking to me all of a sudden because I’m “too complicated to be friends with”. To hell with that, and you, for being immature and a coward. Grow up and start learning about people.



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